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Barranquilla Carnival in the midst of the pandemic: what measures should be taken?

With the news given by Mayor Jaime Pumarejo on Friday, July 30, 2021, where he announces that there will be Barranquilla Carnival in 2022, many are the doubts that are had regarding the measures that should be taken in the midst of the pandemic (source : week magazine de-barranquilla-confirmo-que-habra-carnaval-el-proximo-ano / 202114 /). As in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, this news generates doubts and uncertainty in some about how the pandemic situation will be at the time the carnival takes place.

Although in the end the managing and organizing team of the Olympic Games “played it” to continue with the contest, it is clear that the continuity of the process was at risk due to the number of positive cases both in the host country and within from the group of competitors. With a panorama of uncertainty, it is well worth analyzing what measures to take in the midst of the pandemic so that Barranquilla can enjoy its carnival, for which I reviewed a list of measures that you should take into account to enjoy this party. Wear a mask correctly at all times. Regardless of whether you are outdoors or indoors, the correct use of a mask that covers the mouth and nose is recommended, fixing it as best as possible to the contour of your face. You must remember that the mask must remain clean both internally and externally.

Social distancing. Although it is expected that there will be a significant influx of public in the streets, prefer less crowded spaces and keeping the social distancing of at least 1 meter.

Frequent use of antibacterial gel. Frequent use of alcohol and / or alcohol-based antibacterial gel for hand hygiene effectively prevents contact transmission of Covid 19. Get vaccinated. Thanks to the increase in vaccination coverage at the national level, the national government expects to have coverage of 70% of the population by December 31, 2021, as stated in an interview with the newspaper La Vanguardia by Vice Minister Luis Alexander Moscoso (source https: // Diciembre-tendremos-el-70-de-los- Colombianos-vacunados-contra-el-covid-19-FJ3902465), being one of the most effective measures to protect against the virus that causes Covid 19.

Carry out tests for Covid 19. If before a group meeting a detection test for Covid 19 (antigen or PCR) is carried out, people who are likely to be contagious to the group could be identified. It is important to spread awareness among people of this new reality in which knowing the group's infectious status before meeting is another effective measure to prevent the vast majority of infections.

The world is anxiously waiting to return to normal again and the confirmation of the Barranquilla Carnival is proof of this, however, it must be borne in mind that there is an undeniable new normal that must be taken into account when carrying out events of great magnitude.

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